New Image Release: Falls of the Virgin Narrows

Back in April I went to Las Vegas to meet up with some of my best buds for my bachelor party. For one of the days we made a trip to Zion National Park in Southwest Utah to hike the Virgin Narrows. This was my second time at Zion, but I did not get to hike the narrows the first time as I had only a limited time scheduled and I was itching to get back. The Virgin Narrows trail requires you to hike up river in at times waist to chest high flowing water. The bottom of the river is slippery rocks that vary in height, so you need to be very careful where you step. A good pair of hiking poles is recommended. I did not have hiking poles but used my tripod as the next best thing. I also brought a dry bag  with me in order to keep my gear safe while I was hiking.

This image is from one of the forks off the main river where the flow of water was very shallow. I saw the triple waterfall at my feet and thought it would be a good foreground to the image. I got down very low and was able to capture the towering canyon walls as a backdrop to the mini waterfalls.

This was the best hike I have ever done and was even better to do it with some of best friends that I have known almost my entire life.

Taken with: NIKON D800, 14-24MM @ 14mm, f16, 1.6 seconds

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