New Image Release: Tahitian Afternoon

While in the islands of French Polynesia this past summer I tried desperately to relax. The problem is relaxing does not come easy to me. On a vacation, there are some people who would like nothing better than to sit on a beach or by a pool and read a book or stare into space. While occasionally you will find me engaging in such activities, I get bored of it very quickly. I feel like I am wasting time, when I could be working on my website, writing a blog entry, going on a hike, or most importantly, taking photographs. Tahiti for me was no exception. While my wife was taking in the sun and resting by the pool, I was itching to do something, anything but lay by the pool all day.  Even though the Hinano Ambre (a locally brewed Tahitian Beer) I was drinking by the pool was slightly hindering my motivation, I decided to go get my camera gear and take out one of the hotel's kayaks to explore the lagoon near our over-water bungalow.

Since I do not own an underwater housing for my camera, I needed protection against an accidental flipping of the kayak. Luckily, I brought the dry bag with me that I bought right before my hike up the river of the Virgin Narrows in Zion National Park. While I was paddling in the kayak,  I left the camera in the dry bag and only took it out when I knew the coast was clear from splashing water. Another piece of important gear that I used was a circular polarizing filter which cut the sun's reflection on the water, allowing the camera to see clearly underneath the surface.

The image below is facing down the east cost of Tahiti. I love how the lush green mountains empty directly into the lagoon surrounding the island. I left the front of the kayak in the image to give the viewer a sense of being in a kayak and exploring the amazing scenery that Tahiti has to offer. To me, this is what it means to relax.


Taken with: NIKON D800, 14-24MM @ 14mm, f11, 1/200th second, Fotodiox Circular Polarizing Filter

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