New Image Release: Chamber of Shadow and Light

I was recently looking back at some of my old images from my trip to the Lower Antelope Slot Canyon. I discovered an unprocessed set of vertical panoramic bracketed RAW files that I must of over-looked when culling through the shots of the trip. In order to stitch the picture together I first combined each of the bracketed individual images of the panorama into a 36-Bit HDR photo in Photoshop. This allowed me to pull back the highlights of the sky and the sun peaking into the canyon while keeping the detail in the shadows when processing the images in Lightroom. I synced the adjustments to each of the photos in the set and then brought them back into Photoshop to do a photomerge to create the full panoramic image. The resulting image brings me back to when I was standing in the chamber looking up to the sky to the smooth shapes and dynamic colors that surrounded me and in awe of this wonderful creation of Mother Nature.

Taken with: NIKON D90, 14-24MM, Vertical Panorama with Gitzo Tripod and RRS BH-55 Ballhead.


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