New Image Release: Kirkjufell Mountain

After I landed at the Reykjavik airport, I booked a rental car and found a hotel close by to rest up before I started on my trip around Iceland. Kirkjufell was the first spot on my itinerary and I was eager to start exploring the amazing country that I have been dreaming about for years. I finally arrived in the town of Kirkjufell after a scenic drive up the west coast of the island. I stopped at a local cafe for a bite to eat and hot tea. I asked the owner of the cafe where I could find the famous triangle shaped mountain where I wanted to capture the first sunset of my trip in Iceland. After some quick directions for the shop owner I realized, the spot I was looking for was only a couple minutes up the road. I parked my car, gathered my gear and set out towards the river leading to the waterfall I wanted to use as the foreground in the photograph, After spending a couple hours exploring the area and trying different compositions, I found the perfect sport where the following river bended in the opposite direction and acted as almost a reflection of the shape of the mountainous horizon. I waited until the sun was setting and it casted a beautiful light onto the side of the mountain. I was lucky enough to have clouds roll in with a striking pattern and radiating from behind the mountain. I was nervous after getting this image that my luck was all used up for the rest of the trip, which was fortunately not true as I was able to capture more beautiful images for the next few days of my visit.

Taken with: NIKON D800, 14-24MM @ 22mm, f13, and 1/2 second with Gitzo Tripod, RRS BH-55 Ballhead, Fotodiox Wonderpana 5-Stop ND Filter.


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