New Image Release: Seljalandsfoss

Before my trip to Iceland, I invested in a 5-Stop Neutral Density filter for my Fotodiox Wonderpana system for a moment just like this. I knew I would be taking pictures during the day of waterfalls, and I wanted to be able to slow the shutter down enough to get this silky smooth waterfall look in the mid-afternoon. Normal filters do not fit on the end of the bulbous glass of the Nikon 14-24 lens. The Wonderpana system is an amazing tool which allows me to use a variety of filters on my lens that I would not otherwise be able to use.

It is very difficult to photograph Seljalandsfoss up close as the wind is usually spraying water all over you, your camera, and anything else in it's way. In order to get this shot, I hiked up the side of the mountain to a spot that seemed to be getting a little less wet than everywhere else. I also used my wool hat as a lens cover while i was waiting for the wind to turn a different direction for the 1/2 second I needed to take a shot. You would think this wouldn't be too difficult, but after a few dozen attempts of taking a shot, realizing I had a million drops of water on my lens, putting the hat back over the lens, wiping the lens down with a cloth underneath the hat covering the lens, and repeating...I finally got this clean shot which made all the trouble worth it.

Taken with: NIKON D800, 14-24MM @ 18mm and 1/2 second with Gitzo Tripod, RRS BH-55 Ballhead, Fotodiox Wonderpana 5-Stop ND Filter.

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