New Image Release: Tahitian Fire Dance

On our trip to French Polynesia, my wife and I were very excited to see a traditional Polynesian dance show as we missed seeing one during our visit to Hawaii a couple of years ago. In order to get good images of the dancers we reserved a table in the front row in the center. I had the idea for this shot as soon as I found out there would be fire dancers as part of the show. I used the table as a tripod in order to use a long exposure to capture the motion of the fire. I experimented with a few different shutter speeds to find the optimal length of time to capture the motion of the fire and adjusted the fstop to get a proper exposure. The coy pond in front of the stage was an added bonus as it successfully reflected the movement of the fire in the image. I took a handful of images of this fire dancer, but because of the fast movement, this was the only image where you could clearly make out the legs of the guy doing the fire dance.

Taken with: NIKON D800, 70-200MM @ 70mm, f22, 8 second

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New Image Release: Overwater Oasis

Overwater bugalows, like the ones in this image, are an iconic symbol of French Polynesia. We stayed in the bungalow in the front right and have to say that it lived up to all the hype.


Taken with: NIKON D800, 14-24MM @ 14mm, F16, ISO 100

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